About FRIT

Thomas - taste master

I am Thomas, founder of FRIT. It goes without saying that I have a great love for French fries and frituren, by extension everything that is Belgian. FRIT was born out of this love. FRIT wants to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate the Belgian fries culture every day by means of: cool, high-quality and durable clothing.

Favorite fries snack: Bicky cheese without pickles

Favorite sauce: Joppie

Traditional fries: De Bosrand in Bruges

However, I don't have a creative brain, for that I work together with Simon from Studio Chapo:

Simon (Studio Chapo) - designer

My name is Simon Willems and I work as an illustrator / designer under the name Studio Chapo. You can recognize my style by its geometric shapes and limited color palette. I like to describe it as 'Graphic Storytelling'. In this way, I always challenge myself to depict things in the simplest possible way. When Thomas asked me to participate in this project, as a fried meat fanatic I couldn't say no. 

Favorite fries snack: Mini matches 

Favorite sauce: Stew sauce 

Stamfrituur: Frituur 't Bergske in Mechelen, although I regularly think back nostalgically to Eddy's iconic fries in Humbeek